Andrea Echavarria featured in group of Pgh artists

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On a recent Sunday evening, a group of artists gathered to paint – like they’ve done for weeks — each creating a finished product different from the other.

The art connects them, as does the man who brought them all together. His name is Tom Mosser, and he is a well-known artist, locally and nationally. Mosser owns Tom Mosser Art and he opens his studio to anyone who wants to paint—even if they’ve never lifted a brush. He believes everyone is an artist. All one needs is an opportunity.

Mosser gave nine people he met in various capacities a chance to express themselves in paint.

They are teaming together to host an exhibit showcasing their work. It’s called “Friends Who Paint Together … Show Together.” Join them at Mosser’s studio at 448 Butler St. in Etna from 6 to 9 p.m. on Satrday for a chance to see nine artists work in one settings.

Most of the paintings will be available for sale.

There will also be opportunities for other guests to paint.

The event coincides with Mosser’s studio fall open house. Mosser currently shares his studio full time with artist Andrea Echavarria, who also will be part of the show. A fixture at the studio is Mosser’s Labrador retriever Lucas.

“Sometimes being an artist is a lonely profession,” says Mosser, who has created paintings for professional football and baseball and basketball stadiums as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins. “So I am always happy to have other people around me who love to do what I do. We listen to music, collaborate and just have fun together. This is such an amazing group of artists that I hope everyone comes and sees their work. They are truly dedicated to the craft.”

Andrea Echavarria

Echavarria, who is deaf, has a cochlear implant, an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the inner ear and provides sound signals to the brain. It’s allowed her to explore another world when it comes to her paintings. She spends most days working alongside Mosser, who inspired her to host a show earlier this year.

The recurring shapes in her art signify the cochlear implant, which allows her to hear things after spending most of her life in silence.

She’s now hearing loud sirens, dogs barking and the calm of her mother’s voice, which has inspired her ideas for artwork to help her express what she hears.

“I am so excited for this show,” Echavarria says, through an interpreter her mother, Laurel. “It has been fun to watch and see what other artists are painting. We have fun.”

Source: Pittsburgh artist gives rookies a chance to paint. Published by on Friday, September 21, 2018,

Andrea Echavarria is WPSD Graduate class of 2009.

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