WPSD Archival Photos launches

Posted by WPSDAA on Sep 6, 2018 in News

We made an exciting announcement to share with you to see the unlimited (almost!) WPSD photos online right now.

We have thousands of archival photos of our preservation, historical and education at our Alumni room in WPSD. Many people like you are asking that they want to see the photos that never seen before. We came up the solution for you – to share the hidden treasures of digital photos on Internet in easy way.

Least 10,000 photos are owned by WPSD and WPSD Alumni Association are posted in Flickr website for you to share in public.

The best starting point is http://www.flickr.com/photos/wpsdalumni/albums/. You can navigate to find this by going menu bar in WPSD Alumni website: Gallery > Archival Photos

Flickr is a photo hosting service launched in 2004 and is previously owned by Yahoo until Flickr was sold to SmugMug in April 2018.  Flickr is part of social media network.

The coolest feature is you can able to search the person name to narrow down to find the photo in search results. Or, you can either to browse the photo through categories or chronology.

Still, this big project is far from finished. We are working very hard to keep the photos organized based on category and chronology for easier navigate in WPSD Alumni Flickr website.

You will see many photos unidentified in older photos, we really, really need your help! If you know the name of person or place in the photo and the date of the photo, you can leave the comments under the photo and it will notify to our project team to verify and update this photo for better description. It will help make the photographs you enjoy more discoverable. Your contributions and knowledge make these information in the photos even richer.

If you find concerns on the photo is not appropriate, please contact us through http://www.wpsdalumni.org/contact/ or in Flickr’s “WPSD Alumni” About page. We can remove the inappropriate photo from the website based on your request for providing the full web address link from Flickr website.

We still have thousands and thousands of printed old photos that have not transform into digital yet. We are looking to give up our time to scan the printed photos soon in future.

We would thank to WPSD faculty, students, 2017-2020 Alumni board members, Alumnus and friends supporting this project to make this happen.

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